Creating Safer Spaces

The Rainbow Optimist Club offers an original workshop for community organizations and businesses called Creating a Safer Space for the LGBT2Q+ Communities.​

A safe space is a place or environment in which a person can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.  


The goal is to teach people how to create a safer space, a space where people can find themselves represented and reflected, and where they understand that all people are treated with respect and dignity.


People and organizations that have completed the workshop can offer a space:

  • that is positive and safe;

  • where the people/staff have been trained to understand LGBT2Q+ issues and needs; 

  • and that understands the challenges and stigma faced by families.

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What people are saying...

" The presenters were so warm

and approachable.

It was a very open environment in which to ask questions."

" It was good, both presenters were

clearly passionate about the topic

and brought in personal stories to

help make things relatable."

" The openness and approachability

the presenters gave off, opportunity

for questions whenever participants

had one. Fabulous job!"

" Clear, non-judgmental, low key

but effective. Good interaction opportunities between presenters

and attendees."

" Excellent and very easy to

understand and implement

change moving forward."

" It was well presented and the

material given was very helpful.

Very well done."