Saturday, August 6th - Pre-Pride Drag Show Summer Nights











Monday, August 8th - St. Thomas Pride Flag Raising & Proclamation Reading



Tuesday, August 9th - Elgin County Flag Raising & Proclamation Reading







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Tuesday, August 9th Drag Queen Bingo hosted by Lita von Sleaze












Mrs. Chastity Cage (left) joined Lita Von Sleaze (right) in the fun!     This is what happens when you call Bingo                                                                                                                       and you don't have one.



Friday, August 12th - Pride Community Swim


Saturday, August 13 - Family Day Pride in the Park at the Pinafore Park Bandshell

Please note there will be vendors, displays, exhibits, food trucks and kid friendly activities throughout the day...

     noon - Welcome and Land Acknowledgement

     12:15 pm - Deshkan ZiiBi Indigenous Women's Association (drumming)

     12:45 pm - YMCA Aerobics 

      1:15 pm - Drag Storytime

     2:00 pmSaidat

     3:00 pm - Victor Quinlan

     3:30 pm - Drag Show

     5:00 pm · Karaoke with a Queen

     6:30 pm - Set up for the movie                   

     8:30 pm - Movie Night in the Park

Food trucks to included: Original Twizted Folk, Tikka Tomato and Ice Cream Treats      

* Please note time times could change slightly.       


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