PROJECT:  Creating safer spaces for LGBT2Q+ rural youth, their families and their


OBJECTIVES:  Bettering the lives of LGBT2Q+ rural youth, their families and their

                         communities in Elgin and Middlesex County.  The goal is to reach                             out to as many rural children and youth.  Rural children, youth and                             their families do not have the same opportunities as their urban                                 counterparts.  The sharing of resources and engaging the                                           LGBT2Q+ youth and their families through social media, virtual                                   gatherings, virtual workshops, and virtual events will assist in                                     creating the better sense of community and well being which, this                             venerable group needs. The project will open doors, give support                             to rural LGBT2Q+ youth, educate the community, and create                                       opportunities for everyone to participate and to be included in their                           community.


  • Community outreach and engagement

  • Delivering new ideas, tools, programming, services or resources

  • Disseminating information and knowledge to community members

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