Articles & Other Resources


Municipal World: Free to be me

Growing your Workforce: Safe Space for Workplaces


Resource Guide and Active Listening

LGBT2SQ - A Resource Guide

10 steps to Better Active Listening


Workshop Videos:

The Royal Society Presents:   Understanding Unconscious Bias

Brené Brown on Empathy:      Empathy vs Sympathy


The 519 

Pride at Work Publications

Beyond Diversity

Hiring Across All Spectrums

Pride understanding is a communication tool designed to start a conversation to increase GENDER DIVERSITY LITERACY.

Additional Videos and resource

The Importance of Being a Good Ally 

Use of Pronouns

Starting the Conversation

Gender Identity Flyer

This is an extensive glossary of terms and definitions as they relate to various communities. Comes in a downloadable format as well:

Another resource from the 519

Creating Authentic Spaces