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Articles & Other Resources


Municipal World: Free to be me

Growing your Workforce: Safe Space for Workplaces


Resource Guide and Active Listening

LGBT2SQ - A Resource Guide

10 steps to Better Active Listening


Creating Safer Spaces Workshop Videos:

The Royal Society Presents:   Understanding Unconscious Bias

Brené Brown on Empathy:      Empathy vs Sympathy

Elemy recently created a free educational guide covering autism and gender identity. This resource highlights research about gender identity, dysphoria, and diversity in neurodivergent individuals as well as information on support groups for those with autism spectrum disorder and gender identity diversity. Resources for Gender Identity & Autism


An Easy Guide To Gender-Inclusive Language:


The 519 

Pride at Work Publications

Beyond Diversity

Hiring Across All Spectrums

Pride understanding is a communication tool designed to start a conversation to increase GENDER DIVERSITY LITERACY.

Additional Videos and resource

The Importance of Being a Good Ally 

Use of Pronouns

Starting the Conversation

Gender Identity Flyer

This is an extensive glossary of terms and definitions as they relate to various communities. Comes in a downloadable format as well:

Another resource from the 519

Creating Authentic Spaces

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