Meet the storytellers of Drag Storytime


Eve Hill


Bubbly, bodacious, and most importantly Blonde!


Eve Hill is your queen if you want a fun filled light hearted time.


A queen of body positivity and outrageous performances you will not leave without a smile on your face!

Ezra Ginn


Originally from St. Marys, Ezra is a glitter crazy mustachioed king straight from your Saturday morning cartoons.


Galaxy Rose


Galaxy Rose is your Sweet-Tea Queen on the Scene! Her drag is an immersion into all the things she loves: creativity, tenacity and diversity.


She advocates the power of the voice, whether through advocacy or song. She aspires to inspire every step of the way and believes


Strongly that small acts of kindness can change the world. “Let’s light up the sky together!”

Gypsy Violet


Growing up in a small-town Gypsy always had a fascination with Art, Fashion and the allure of old Hollywood glamour. 

Gypsy has realized the transformative power that Drag holds - The creation of a character with more freedom, more power and more confidence allowed Gypsy to explore her ability to impact others, and help spread the message of empowerment, unwavering acceptance and love in our communities!


The most important thing is to always be yourself, even if you’re wearing a costume




Lita, from London, Ontario, has been performing in drag for 5 years and has been on stages all across the province. She is a multiple title holder, talented makeup artist, and a mentor to younger performers in and around London.


Lita has been a continuous feature of the Rainbow Optimist Storytime which have taken place all over South-Western Ontario including St Thomas, Strathroy, Goderich and many more.


She is known as a high energy performer who frequently adds elements of comedy, dance, and singing to her stage shows, and she's always got a stunt or trick up her sleeve.


Miss Shaneen


Miss Shaneen is London’s youngest performing Drag Queen at age 16!


Her aim is to continue her drag journey as far as possible as she works to improve her performances, costume design and makeup.


She is a talented pianist and hopes to incorporate her musical abilities into her future performances.


Mz Affra-Tighty


Mz Affra-Tighty is a performer at many charity events and involved in other community “goings on”.

My great-grandmother said it best, "Your name is the only thing you really own. You can polish it like a precious gem, or let it blow away like dust. “

My faith is important to me.  So are my family and friends. My Blessing is the privilege, to serve the charities and community I do.

Nicki Nastasia


Nicki Nastasia is one of the many amazing drag performers in London. Being the city's only latinx queen, she always tries to bring her latinidad and drag together.


She has been doing drag professionally for just over 3 years and performs at various venues in London, while also hosting the cities only Live RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Party.


Her performances range from pop princess Ariana Grande to the queen of Tejano Music; Selena Quintanilla.




Tobias is an aging drag King from London Ontario, with a focus on heavier sounding music.


His style is anywhere from demonic chic to casual Viking, bringing a very alternative feel to his performances.

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